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St Ledger Marketing

AI Social Media Program

[Redacted] is a leading innovator in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry, committed to providing cutting-edge AI solutions that drive automation and efficiency.


Marketing Consultancy


Launch a new AI product in the market, create awareness, and drive adoption among target customers


An omnichannel marketing strategy was implemented, combining digital media and offline events. The campaign focused on emphasizing the unique value proposition of [Redacted]’s AI solutions. This included product demos, customer testimonials, thought-leadership content, webinars, and participation in industry events.

Key Results

Following the campaign, [Redacted]’s new product garnered substantial attention, with the customer base expanding by 30% within the first quarter of the launch. Additionally, the campaign led to a 25% increase in website traffic and a surge in product demo requests, indicating heightened interest among potential users.

Lessons Learned

Emphasizing the unique value proposition and benefits of AI solutions effectively sparks interest and drives adoption among target customers. A mix of online and offline strategies can ensure a wider reach and enhance marketing outcomes