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St Ledger Marketing

Bolt Dollar

Bolt Dollar is an innovative, decentralized algorithmic stablecoin that operates on the Binance Smart Chain. Born from the rebranding of a previous project, Bolt Dollar is intent on creating a product that aligns with the community’s needs and expectations.


Social Media Management


The pivotal objective was to rejuvenate and amplify the social media presence of Bolt Dollar, especially considering the rebranding from a previously unsuccessful project.


The approach to achieving this objective involved a robust blend of influencer marketing and strategic social media activities. This two-pronged strategy was designed to capture and sustain audience attention and engagement.

Key Results

The strategy proved successful, driving significant growth in the social media accounts. Concurrently, Bolt Dollar’s token reached an all-time high, signaling the effective rejuvenation of the brand.

Lessons Learned

This project underscored the importance of having in-depth knowledge about the team engaged for a specific task. Understanding team capabilities, strengths, and areas for improvement is instrumental in ensuring the success of future projects.