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St Ledger Marketing


ESBC is a cutting-edge betting platform that allows users to wager on all major sporting events using cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, ESBC operates as a Masternode project, augmenting its offerings and setting it apart in the market.


Social Media Management


The overarching objective was to stimulate growth for ESBC’s social media presence, strengthening their online footprint and user engagement.


To accomplish the growth objective, an engaging social media campaign was crafted. This campaign was designed to captivate users’ interest, promote user activity, and stimulate engagement. The timing was opportune, with the Euro soccer event in full swing, and was tactically used as a thematic element in the campaign to boost relevance and interest.

Key Results

The results of the campaign were notably positive, reflecting a tangible increase in the number of active users on ESBC’s social media platforms and dApp.

Lessons Learned

A key learning from this project was the deepened understanding of tokenomics among the team members. We gained insights into how tokenomics can significantly impact a project and influence supply and demand. This enriched knowledge is now a strategic tool, ready to be harnessed for future endeavors to maximize outcomes