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St Ledger Marketing


[Redacted] operates as a premier platform in the NFT sector, facilitating the creation, buying, and selling of digital assets. This vibrant marketplace connects digital artists with collectors across the globe, underlining the transformative potential of blockchain technology.


Social Media Management [Ongoing]


Enhance [Redacted]’s social media presence, fostering wider community interaction and facilitating higher engagement around their NFT offerings.


We designed an engaging social media campaign highlighting the work of artists on the platform, testimonials from satisfied collectors, and educational content about the value and potential of NFTs. The campaign leveraged visual storytelling, spotlighting exceptional NFTs and their creators, alongside real-time community interaction through live sessions, AMAs, and creative contests.

Key Results

Following the campaign, [Redacted] experienced a 47% growth in their social media engagement across all platforms. The community expanded by 30%, and platform sign-ups witnessed a sharp 35% increase. Furthermore, artist registrations increased by 45%, leading to a diverse influx of unique NFT offerings on the platform.

Lessons Learned

The campaign underscored the value of direct engagement and interactive content in fostering a vibrant, growing community in the NFT space. Highlighting success stories and the potential of NFTs effectively drives user adoption and fosters a sense of belonging within the community.