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St Ledger Marketing

Defi Yield Farming

[Redacted] is a comprehensive DeFi platform, offering a spectrum of services including token swapping, yield farming, and liquidity provision.


Social Media Management


Amplify [Redacted]’s brand recognition, highlighting their diverse DeFi services to the prospective user base.


A targeted social media campaign was launched, featuring educational content about DeFi, user testimonials, and highlights of [Redacted]’s wide-ranging services, to create a sense of community and foster user trust.

Key Results

The campaign saw an impressive 40% growth in social media engagement, along with a 30% increase in user inquiries and sign-ups for [Redacted]’s dApp. This was a testament to the efficacy of the campaign in fostering brand awareness and driving platform usage.

Lessons Learned

User testimonials and educational content play a critical role in establishing credibility and driving engagement in the DeFi sector. This reiterates the importance of user-generated content and consumer education in boosting platform visibility and trust.