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St Ledger Marketing


Zenzo Ecosystem, fueled by the transformative potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, is committed to empowering gamers worldwide. The overarching vision is to revolutionize the gaming landscape and enhance user experiences.


Social Media Management


The primary objectives set out for this project included the substantial expansion of Zenzo’s general user base, as well as promoting the utility of Zenzo token for purchasing games.


To meet these objectives, a dynamic social media campaign was engineered to entice users and foster active participation and engagement. The campaign was thoughtfully designed to resonate with current events and the gaming industry’s pulse, effectively harnessing the power of popular personalities on social media platforms.

Key Results

The strategy yielded impressive results with a noticeable increase in user base, particularly on Discord and Twitter. This growth validated the effectiveness of the campaign and its appeal to the target audience.

Lessons Learned

This project provided a valuable opportunity to enhance internal communication within the core team. By streamlining communication channels and fostering a collaborative environment, the team was able to optimize its efficiency and performance, a learning that will undoubtedly benefit future projects.